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Love's Direction

Stone hard. Armour tank thick.

Julia Onoja has developed a skin so tough nothing ever hurts her. Not her boyfriend getting his co-star pregnant, and not her best friend cutting her out of her life.

She couldn’t care less.

When her father passes on, it’s just another death and just another funeral.

Except it’s not.

Not when she sees Derin again.

Aderinsola Cole has only loved one woman his entire life. Back then, she wasn’t the tough, rigid and depraved woman she is now. No, the Julia he fell in love with was sweet, kind and had a smile for everyone.

When he’s invited to her father’s wake, he expects to find a way to make amends for the hurts he caused her, and maybe, he can show her the path to the God who saved him.

The problem is God and Derin aren’t exactly Julia’s favourite people. And she’s not ready to forgive either.

Cover of Love's Direction, a contemporary Christian women's fiction novel.


Love's Beacon

Goal/Wish List

Mini Cooper that I didn’t buy with my own money. Check.
MSc from London College of Fashion. Check.
Become a millionaire, not just because of dad’s money. Check.
Have at least five thriving businesses. Check.
Get married to the love of my life. FUTURE IMPOSSIBLE TENSE!

Regina has everything she possibly wants. At least almost everything. Two things elude her.

One. Dapo.

Dapo is all shades wrong and not hers. He’s her sister’s man, yet her heart can’t stop beating for him. Why? Maybe because he has the other one thing she knows she can never have—a relationship with God. Something she once had but foolishly threw away.

Rachel is wife material. Not just any wife material. Pastor’s wife material. She’s godly, calm, and reserved. She loves the Lord, and she’s pretty enough that they’d both look good on a church poster. Dapo’s plan to become the youngest youth pastor at Solid Rock Assembly is set in motion and meets an abrupt end when his fiancée marries Brother Bisola instead.

Enraged and heartbroken, Dapo finds himself nursing a heartbreak and feelings towards his best friend’s baby sister, Regina. Regina is all shades wrong. She’s loud, impulsive, has close to zero interest in the things of the Lord, wears skimpy clothes, and is too beautiful for her own good. Despite all the red flags, he can’t stop himself from loving her. And three words ring loud and RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

Regina believes in fate. Could it be fate bringing them together? Or is there something else, something more powerful intent on weaving something marvellous out of that disaster?

Love’s Beacon is a Nigerian contemporary loose retelling of the Hosea and Gomer story.